One Productivity Tip You Don’t Hear Every Day

We all want to be more productive. We all wish there were more hours in a day to get everything done: wash the dishes, clean the house, go to work, pick up the kids from school, etc. It’s no wonder everyone drinks coffee and has no time to take care of themselves.

Conventional productivity wisdom tells us to create checklists, keep track of our time, and maybe wake up one hour earlier and go to bed one hour later.

However, here is an unconventional tip that works for me, and will work for you too.

Watch what you eat.


Believe it or not, diet plays a key part not only in your long term health, but also in your productivity. There are tons of diets to choose from, and I am not going to get into which diet you should choose because this article is more about productivity than health. If you must know, I am currently doing the paleo diet.

On this diet, my energy levels and focus have actually improved drastically. I really think that when you nutritious food, you just feel better overall. Feeling better keeps you motivated and focused for a longer time.

I used to come home from work exhausted. I would then either take a nap (ugh oh!), or go to a coffee shop and load up on caffeine. Man, I still love my caramel macchiatos…

Loading up on caffeine works short term, but in the long term in can wreak havoc on your productivity like it has mine. Ever since I switched over to the paleo diet, I just feel happier and fresher. That is why I think you should seriously look at your diet and see if you can make a change, and I almost guarantee you will be more productive. You must take care of your body.

One other thing I noticed, after going paleo, is that if I eat a crappy meal, like a burger or any kind of processed food, my energy levels go down a lot immediately after the meal. I am not a doctor, and this is my opinion not backed up by any scientific evidence, but I think your body uses a lot more energy to digest processed food, and processed food obviously has less nutrients than natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Perhaps this is why it seems that everyone feels so tired after eating lunch or dinner. Just my thought…

So before you worry about checklists and coffee, try to take care of your body by dieting. I urge you to try it for 30 days. Compare how you feel on your new diet and how you feel when you eat regularly. If you’re already on a diet and feeling great, keep up the good work!

I will leave you with one quick analogy. Imagine your body as a car fuel tank. Would you fill up your car with junk? No, of course not. In the long run, it will break down and become a lemon. The same should go for your body. You always want to be running on all cylinders. Your family and career will thank you. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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