Natural Health – Alkalinizing Tip May Surprise You

When I worked as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit we had several patients on ventilators (machines that breathed for them).

As nurses we had to detect through blood work when these patients were in acidosis (too much acid in the blood, not enough alkalinity).

Acidosis is not a good thing.

If they were “acidotic” (that is the medical term for too much acid in the blood) then the physician would order the Respiratory Therapist to adjust the machine to give more oxygen and deeper breaths.

This would put the patient immediately into a more alkaline state.

The quickest way for us to alkalinize our body is to breathe!

Breathing several deep breaths at regular intervals immediately helps to alkalinize our bodies.

Acid and alkaline states describe the pH of the blood/body and have much to do with the state of our health.

It is preferable to be in a more alkaline state for many reasons:

–Prevents breakdown of body and tissues
–Prevents degenerative disease
–Prevents overgrowth of undesired micro-organisms (such as candida/yeast)
–Helps body heal faster
–Helps regeneration of tissue
–Helps body restore and correct itself

This is not to say nutrition is not a huge factor in alkalinizing the body, because it is.

The best way to maintain an alkaline state is by what you put in your body. Fruits and vegetables are the best way to alkalinize and stay alkaline.

Maintaining and sustaining a level of alkalinity is ideal for our health.

Adequate breathing (ventilation – getting the right amount of oxygen and ‘blowing off’ the necessary carbon dioxide) AND nutrition are key.

Here is a quick nutritional tip for instant alkalinization:

— Munch on a sprig of celery. Celery is an instant neutralizer of acid.

My favorite nutritional product to alkalinize quickly is Young Living’s Alkalime.

It is fabulous! Try it at night before you go to sleep and experience one of the best night’s sleep you’ve had! (Being alkaline also helps us rest better!)


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